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RACE REPORT: Dekalb Corn Classic

RACE: Dekalb Corn Classic
DATE: 8/24/13
PLACEMENT: 2nd Overall / 348
TIME: 34:23 (5:32/mi)

Life and Non-Running activities have a funny way of interrupting your running - oh to be rich and not have to work.



RACE: Quad City Times Bix 7
DISTANCE: 7 MIles (A very Painful 7 miles)
TIME: 38:14 (PR)
PLACEMENT: 68th Overall (61st Male)
CONDITIONS: Record Low Temp - Very Breezy (Awesome for July!)

RACE REPORT: Dog Days 5k

RACE: Dog Days 5k
DATE: 07/06/2013
PLACEMENT: 1st Overall
TIME: 16:11
TEMP: 83 (6PM at night in July)

Some call Dog Days a slack off race, for me, it is Mitch's race and further an event you can test your fitness in heat. The course is certainly not "fast" and with the heat, the course record is a high 15 minute 5k (quite pedestrian). I wanted to really push myself here and after my warm-up I was excited to hear "Oh this guy runs for X college" and "Y guy over here is gunning for you" I expected quite the race!

RACE REPORT: Hopedale 5k

RACE: Hopedale 5k
DATE: 07/04/2013
PLACEMENT: 1st Overall

I went over to hopedale for a good workout knowing I had Dog Days only several days away. The race had potential to bring in some competition, however I was not concerned with time on this day, only racing the field. I performed my typical 20 minute warm-up + strides and I was ready to go. We lined up and several local high school runners looked excited to push to the starting line.

RACE REPORT: Main Street Mile

RACE: Main Street Mile
DATE: 06/28/2013
TIME: 4:16 (4:15.6) - PR!
PLACEMENT: 10th Overall - Top 9 were over 8 years younger - 1st old Guy!

Buckets of Fun - Racing a point to point mile outdoors , in the summer, with a wicked downhill in the first quarter.

RACE REPORT: Steamboat Classic 4 Mile

RACE: Steamboat Classic
DATE: 06/15/2013
PLACEMENT: 19th Overall
TIME: 20:55 (5:14/mi)
SHOES: Mizuno Wave Universe 3

RACE REPORT: Tremont Turkey Festival 5K

RACE: Tremont Turkey Festival 5K
DATE: 06/01/2013
TIME: 15.37 (Short course, 3.03 average across 5 Garmin's) - 16:01
PLACEMENT: 2nd Overall
SHOES: Mizuno Wave Universe 3

I headed over to tremont early to get a slow warm-up - the conditions were outstanding, about as good as it gets for a 5k. Dead calm, clear (rare) and 55 degrees. These are the days you need to bring it. Mike signed up for the race late in the game after a disappointing race the week prior. I wanted to get cobwebs out prior to steamboat.

RACE REPORT: Chillicothe River Run 5K

RACE: Chillicothe River Run
TIME: 16:08.56
CADENCE(Average): 93
PLACEMENT: 1st Overall
CONDITIONS: Rainy , low winds
SHOES: Mizuno Wave Ekiden

I had a week of downtime between races (post QCDC 5K) and was excited to make it over to a flat and fast course. I did not pre-register and even contemplated not running as late as Friday evening. Alas, I woke up early and drove to the race. Calm conditions and dry seemed exciting , until we made it to the event. I was completely soaked from head to toe post warm-up.

RACE REPORT: QC Distance Classic 5K

RACE: Quad Cities Distance Classic
DATE: 05/12/2013
CONDITIONS: Gorgeous & Cool
TIME: 16:10
PLACEMENT: 3rd Overall

Melisa and I woke up at 4 to make the long drive back on Mothers day to run the QCDC 5K. Mike was planning on running this flat and fast course. I was very low key after a long drive, I warmed up with a 20 minute 2 mile with my dad.


RACE: Lake Run 12K
DATE: 05/04/2013
TIIME: 43:03 (5:46/mi)
PLACEMENT: 2nd Overall

Week 4 in a series of races to help me get back to fitness. The lake run is not a competitive race, however certainly a large gathering locally. I had a good workout earlier in the week and was optmistic that the day would be a good competition. Tyler instructed me to ditch the watch and run by feel alone.


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