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RACE REPORT: Illinois Marathon 5K

RACE: Illinois Marathon 5K
DATE: 04/28/2013
LOCATION: Champaign, IL
CONDITIONS: Great, Breezy and warmer
TIME: 16:35 (5:20/mi)
PLACEMENT: 2nd Overall

I have been racing deliberately trying to race more frequently this past 6 weeks. I mentioned in passing to mitch that I would race if I could have gotten in to Illinois, sure enough he was able to help out connecting the dots and obtaining an entry. After calling some contacts I was able to get everything squared away.


RACE: CCHS (Central Catholic High School) 5K
DATE: 4/21/2013
CONDITIONS: 20-24MPH with Gusts to 35MPH, 51,Sunny
TIME: 16:22
PLACEMENT: 1st Overall

I confess that I have had a very difficult time dealing with the tragedy in Boston. It was a gorgeous day that tragic Monday, I was there celebrating a great friend debut with a perfect race, a wedding and some time away from work. Our world is full of evil, it makes you appreciate the good.


Training Update: Q1 2013

The past few months I have been fortunate enough to work with my existing coach, Tyler McCandless. We have been focusing on getting me healthy after a few overuse injuries in 2012 coupled with too much emphasis on things that just didnt click for me. We have went about this extremely cautious, augmenting my training with strength cross training, spinning, etc. I have increased range of motion, almost eliminated achilles tendonapathy issues and further am slowly gaining my strength back. Starting out in January I had taken 6 weeks off.


RACE: VFW St. Patrick's Day 5K
LOCATION: Bloomington, IL
DATE: 03/17/2013
CONDITIONS: 32 Degrees, 18-22MPH East Wind - Cold.
TIME: 16:48 { 5:20, 5:26, 5:24 }
PLACEMENT: 2nd Overall / 821

RACE REPORT: Titan First Chance Meet: Indoor Mile

RACE: Titan First Chance
LOCATION: Bloomington, IL
DATE: 12/01/2012
TIME: 4:52.68 (4:30/1500m)

I have decided that far too much base work and not enough speed work is a bad thing - why not hop in a mile with absolutely no training at a pace below a 5k race. I changed my warm-up routine to include no hard running and just 15 minutes of easy running. I toed in the line oblivious to any ideas of what I could run.

RACE REPORT: Jingle Bell 5K

RACE: Jingle Bell 5K
DATE: 11/11/12
TIME: Who Knows, Who Cares.
PLACEMENT: 4th Overall - Team Overall Win
Conditions: About as Windy as Possible.

Lined up after a fairly lengthy pre-cursor to the race, legs were very tired. I did not do any strides, I watched with laughter as Mike and Tom went through their strides on the 40mph day. Amusing.

RACE REPORT: Canal Connection 10K

RACE: Canal Connection 10K
DATE: 10/04/2012
CONDITIONS: 40's, <10MPH Winds NE
TIME: 34:04
PLACEMENT: 4th Overall

I am on my second week training solo - working aggressively to get back the fitness lost by misdirection in 2012 by my ex-coach. While I wanted to make a canal a highlight for the season, I simply had too much to make up. I ran 20 miles on Saturday (doubles) - and 90 miles on 6 days (181 for 12 days) working towards the race.

RACE REPORT: Rock and Roll St. Louis

RACE: Rock and Roll St. Louis
DATE: 10/21/2012
CONDITIONS: 45 ,Breezy
TIME: 1:15:25 (5:46/mi)
PLACEMENT: 6th Overall / 9322

Apparently I have been busy dealing with life and not eager to write another chapter in my 2012 terrible running season text book.

RACE REPORT: ISU Town and Gown 5K

RACE: ISU Town and Gown 5K
DATE: 10/06/2012
TEMP: 32 (21 with wind chill)
CONDITIONS: Cold, Windy, not enjoyable
TIME: 16:12
PLACEMENT: 1st overall ("3 Peat Baby!")

RACE REPORT: RnR Philadelphia Half Marathon

RACE: Rock and Roll Philadelphia
DISTANCE: Half Marathon
DATE: 09.16.2012
LOCATION: Philadelphia, PA
TEMP: 62, Calm
PLACEMENT: 67th Overall / 15200, 4th / 920 30-34
TIME: 1:13:48


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