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RACE REPORT: ISU Town and Gown 5K

RACE: ISU Town and Gown Alumni 5K
DATE: 10/05/2012
TIME: 15:01 (Course was 3.03) so roughly 15:25
PLACEMENT: 1st Overall - 4th year consecutive

Town and Gown is one of those races I feel like I owe it to myself to run. It is a celebration of another year gone by, almost like a holiday for my running. As an alumni it certainly holds a place near my heart, however I feel like I am most compelled to run as it is almost always near Melisa and I's anniversary. She comes and supports me and we head off for some getaway. I also feel like I owe Often Running some visibility at this one - folks know to look for me at this. This would be my 4th straight win if the stars aligned. While there is some novelty with winning tiny local races, winning 4 years in a row is rather neat for me.


2010 - 17:28
2011 -16:23
2012 - 16:12

I sent my dad a note and said - to keep the streak alive all i need to do is go out and run better - however I don't want to go too hard or it will be tough to improve next year!

This year was very different - I had the confident knowing I was in good shape and for once, went in to a race with absolutely no fear. I lined up with my bright yellow mizuno outfit and my nice comfy wave ronnins - ready to go out on a hard solo journey. I did just that. This course is uber slow , bouncing on and off side walks, sharp turns and of course being a double loop - lap traffic.

I went out at a comfortably hard pace, 4:57. The first mile left me quite alone. As I approached mile 2, I felt like a rhythmic machine. My next splits were more of the same and I found myself dodging traffic towards the 3rd mile. I know everyone is out there to run, however headphones are frustrating when it comes at the cost of my nearly tripping on people. The bike did its best in front of me though. I came around and saw the clock with 14:xx still on it and I darted forward to hit 15:01 - albeit on a short course of 3.03. This was still a pretty solid race candidly. 4:57 pace put me at 15:23 on a very slow course slow - definitely a good thing!

Thank you Mizuno for your generosity and allowing me to represent your brand. Thanks Often Running for helping me out and of course thank you Coach Tyler for your guidance.

Next Race(s):
- Canal Connection 10K
- Jingle Bell 5K
- Turkey Trot 5 Miler