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RACE REPORT: Jingle Bell 5K

RACE: Jingle Bell 5K
LOCATION: Bloomington, IL
DATE: 11/10/2013
TIME: 15:21
PACE: 4:57
PLACEMENT: 1st Overall
Results Link:

Jingle Bell was the close of my 2013 season, going into a sinus reconstruction surgery (and weight gain et al;) - I know this race is pretty low key, however it is a great event for Often Running which means I will put forth my best. There was no competition expected so I did a long warm-up to catch some miles (I ran 8 in the morning prior to the race). Strong winds are typical here.

I went out comfortably hard, with the tailwind this meant a high 4:30's mile. The pace car did not know the course which meant I had to worry about getting hit as I went further down the road. I made the correct turns, unfortunately others were led to quite a short course. The timers were off after , I ran moderately hard the rest of the race closing with even splits. What a mess!

I was overwhelmed with joy when the rineharts a local family with two amazing children came up to meet me after the race. I was so touched. I decided to give my overall prize of a large gift card to the kids to help them get what is needed. Mizuno has been so generous to me and I am proud to wear the run bird - which also means sportsmanship. These children will someday grow to be incredible runners and I feel humbled to be near them.

Thank you Mizuno , my coach Tyler and Mitch for supporting me this year. 2013 was a success with PR's from every distance under a half. I know this coming winter will be tough as melisa and I work on family planning , surgery et al. 2014 will be filled with challenges, I hope I can continue to wear the run bird proudly.