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RACE REPORT: St. Patrick's Day 5K

RACE: St. Patricks Day 5K
LOCATION: Bloomington, IL
DATE: 03/16/2014
TIME: 16:26
PACE: 5:18
PLACEMENT: 1st Overall / 473
CONDITIONS - Miserable. (25, 30mph Winds, Real Feel 6)

It has been a rough start for 2014 after the winter basically off with my surgery and medical issues not related to running. My running has been improving however I am carrying around 15-20 pounds more than my race weight which has been tough. I had a nice easy longer run the day prior to this race as it was just one of those days you dream of (Calm, watching the sunrise).

The weather was unfortunately in the top 5 worst in my running career, also the coldest I have wore shorts. It was 25 degrees in mid march with everyone shivering from an extremely strong headwind (30mph at times which is actually better than it was at 8am when Mike ran 20 miles). I had no time goals for this race however part of racing well is learning self control and pacing. I made this a game where I would go out at a conversational pace into the beast headwind and then cut down each mile by 10 seconds. When you have this type of temps and headwind its in your best interest not to cook the first mile. I wore my Mizuno Wave Ekiden - a fabulous flat that I typically run up to the half marathon distance as it offers some support.

Mark McHale was kind enough to run with me and catch-up for the first mile which clicked by in a very pedestrian manner.

Mile 1 - 5:30

Well at least it was still a conversational effort. We chatted as we approached the first u turn (which was marked wrong) , I nearly fell on the potholes. Mark and I talked for a bit more as I picked up the pace moving towards mile 2. Mile 2 came by much easier, my effort was about the same.

Mile 2 - 5:20

Mark wasn't feeling hot so he encouraged me to go on - I honestly could use the kids kick - he is a speedy booger for a longer runner. I put forth a quality effort as I made the turn for that long .5 mile. I knew I had some work cut out for me and Dave Quinn was yelling at me from the cop car.

Mile 3 - 5:06 - Goal met.

I closed around 4:50 pace for my slowest 5k in quite some time, 16:26. Mark finished shortly after with a quality effort on such a crummy day.

It was great to see all the Often Running Racing Team guys out there with there matching uniforms - its a special thing and I am very pleased tow see how they are running together. I am proud to represent the store regardless of being on the team. Ive struggled with being so overweight right now - its so easy to gain weight and so hard to lose it.

A very nice cool down with Carol and Melisa , shakeout run later in the day for a nice 14 miles on the day.

Thank you Mizuno for your continued support and starting out the first full race with a victory for the brand. Thank you Mitch for allowing me to participate alongside a very promising team filled with champions with decades of experience as well as new folks to the sport. Many great things await - I wouldn't be where I am today without the wisdom of folks like Nigel, Mike Heffron etc. Melisa is my savior - she is always here. Thanks to god for blessing me with the ability to run and work with others on this sport.