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RACE REPORT: Scott County Family Y Turkey Trot

RACE: Scott County Family Y Turkey Trot
DATE: 11/28/2013 (Thanksgiving Day)
CONDITIONS: 15 Degrees Real Feel 0
TIME: 26:36
PACE: 5:20/mi
PLACEMENT: 4th / 1929
COURSE: Extreme Hill Mile 1, otherwise flat.

A very chilly end to the season on turkey day. At this point I was aware that Austin was out of the picture due to the emergency surgery on my ENT system. I would be out at least 3 weeks leading in to the Holiday. This meant I would really push myself despite being so cold.

Turkey Trot brings out some INCREDIBLE runners from University of Iowa including a guy I truly look up to Ben Lloyd. Ben is an example of a runner with excellent consistency, always competing regardless of whats going on in his life.

The first mile of this race was a brutal cold headwind , turn left and then of course, more headwind up the 10+% grade hill. This meant we were all going slow, however I stay inside myself and let the pack of 10 go. I knew I couldn't run that pace and wanted even splits. The first mile was above 5:30 and it just hurt to be honest. My hands were frozen solid however I focused on moving up the field, strategically passing, recovering on the downhill to the park. I came by mile 2 and I knew that I was picking up the pace.

No man's land from this point on , however nearing Mile 4 I saw Ben up ahead. Could I catch him? I knew I would need to rock an insane mile to have a prayer. I closed with a 4:56/mi - my fastest closing mile EVER in a race, reducing the gap to only 15 seconds. This was a big deal to me as I was in so much pain after that my dad had to help me inside where I jogged around a 20x20 room for 20 minutes. The pain was ridiculous.

The true winner was my beautiful wife Melisa - running an absolutely astounding PR at this distance. She also followed my advice and cut negative splits - what a rockstar. Her final mile was under 715 - which ironically is now her mile PR - how cool is that. I was so proud of her.

Spent the day with family and did a short run later in the day. Gosh I will miss running.

Runbird - gosh I love you. Mizuno makes such amazing gear. Despite terrible temps, I wore the Wave Universe 4 - what a stud shoe. Mizuno gear is just as good as it gets. Thanks to mitch and Often Running. , you are a great friend. My dad was such a savior - he makes me feel like I am an elite runner at all times, I always just want to make him proud. Tyler McCandless continues to guide me down the right path.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.