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RACE REPORT: QC Distance Classic Half Marathon

RACE: Quad Cities Distance Classic
LOCATION: Rock Island, IL
DATE: 5/11/2014
CONDITIONS: 65 Humid, light breeze
TIME: 1:15:24
DISTANCE: 13.1 (13.2 Measured)
PLACEMENT: 1st Overall /417

I am relieved that my mother made it through her surgery and the results came back benign for all of the growths removed. Mothers day would be bitter sweet this year given the results of her tests and operation. I typically try and run QCDC for one distance or another as we come back for mothers day regardless. This year I wanted to use it as a workout so I hit it hard the week of the race and further maybe overdid it a bit on Friday night prior to the race. Melisa and I woke up at 4am and headed up to the QC for the race.

We arrived fairly late and my hamstrings were very angry with me for the drive. I was in a ton of pain and I knew my back was not happy with me. I was definitely glad I was not running a 5k - my legs were not recovered from friday. I did a quick 2.5 mile warm-up and skipped strides, only focusing on drills. My ankle had something odd going on even though I had quite a bit of support in my Ronin 5's (so sad to see that shoe removed from the line-up).

There was talk of a few runners out of college and a few locals that I did not recognize, I was hopefully when the gun went off that I was in 4th. I ran smooth and steady with not much to focus on. As I approached the mile the three in front of me turned left, bummer, they were in the 5k.

Mile 1 - 5:33

All alone I realized that I would be able to execute on training as originally planned. it is very difficult to hold back on a training effort day vs. a race. I once read that one of the largest differences between pro runners and amateurs is their ability to hold back in a race when it is intended as a training day.

Mile 2 - 5:37 - HR 164

Relatively boring section as we headed out to the turn about in Moline. As I hit the turn I was able to better assess the situation. The lead had grown to about 200 yards.

Mile 3 - 5:37 - HR 164

Lots of crowd support which was nice.

5K Split - 17:13

Mile 4 - 5:39

Winding through traffic folks could hear the light tap from my Ronins as I bobbed and weaved through the 5k Traffic. Tough mile filled with far too much dodging.

Mile 5 - 5:36

I see Melisa and Dad cheering as I go by, Dad later says that I looked like I was feeling good. I was, nothing too eventful

Mile 6 - 5:33

10K - 34:30

An excellent training day after a hard tempo on friday, I am pleased with the effort and the run.

Mile 7 - 5:40

At this point I have decided that I am backing off. The lead bike tells me that I have grown nearly a 1 mile lead.
Mile 8-Finish (5:40's-5:55)

The remainder of the race was spent thinking about how fortunate I am that things worked out for mom. I truly wish that I could hear some news on the issues I am having, however I just run relaxed knowing that I have the win easily at this point. While I know that I could push the pace this race was not an A race and further it was after a workout. There was no reason to risk an injury. I was dehydrated however stuck to not drinking during the race. My HR started falling so I yanked my belt off. I became excited as I came towards the stadium and picked it up back into the 5:30's - when I hit the track I decided to see how my legs felt. 5:00/mi pace was about as good as it would get for me.

I crossed the line and did a light cool-down. I came back to the finish line to congratulate the finishers. The second place finisher came in 6 minutes later. I shook his hand and gave him a water. As 3/rd and 4th rolled in I did the same and was glad to help out.

I went back out and did a cool down before needing some ART work - my back was crying. We headed back where we spent time with mom who unfortunately could not physically be there, however my Dad gave me a large hug and immediately called my mom. I wanted to win the race for her and I was actually fairly emotional about the situation at the finish. The flowers given out are a nice touch as well.

I found this race a success for two reasons. One I learned I can run on tired legs. Had I pushed it 73 minutes was possible even on this giant beast of a frame right now. Secondly I finally am able to tell myself that a race is not always a race. It takes many years to accomplish this. Those that know Carol Pratt think she is looney for many reasons - one in particular is how frequently she "races". What many do not realize is she does not have variances of 3 minutes in a 5k due to how she feels - it is due to her ability to meter herself. She backs off when she is tired, she knows what events are well, events.

Thank you to Often Running and Mizuno for your support as I work my way through this very odd health issue. I plan on racing Chillicothe to gauge where my fitness is. I will treat it like a B race, training through however with a full effort.

Next Race(s):
Chillicothe River Run 5k
Steamboat Classic 4 or 15K (unless my weight falls, definitely a no on the 15k)