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RACE REPORT: Chillicothe River Run 5K

RACE REPORT: Chillicothe River Run 5K
TIME: 16:08
PLACEMENT: 1st Overall

** Shortened review after my first review failed to submit, losing it all. **

After a great track workout on tuesday with Mike and Gary, I finished out the week strong with good mileage and lots of work. I wanted to run on tired legs however give it a full effort. I broke out my Wave Universe 4's - typically only worn a few times a year. Some young speedy looking guys - one kid with a state finals sweat shirt caused me to shift my game plan from even splits to the best chance for the overall win. I went out hard with the hopes of breaking any late stage kick

Mile 1 - 5:02

At this point I was all alone, when I turned left I could not see the second place runner and I mentally drifted. This is what causes folks to lose pace - I don't even feel that fitness is the key issue on 1-2 miles - your body can sustain a high workload for 2 miles off of decent training. If your mind wanders , you will slow down. Alas - I approach 2 miles and was bummed to see how much I slipped.

Mile 2 - 5:16

I continue to move on, focusing on form and trying to eek out as much as I can. Unfortunately even after a strong final kick (and almost running into the police car that decided to stop randomly with about 150 feet to go, causing me to swerve) I had a fairly dismal mile:

Mile 3 - 5:17

Final .1 - 34.4 - 4:3x pace.

I awaited for the second and third place finishers to come in and congratulate them and then walked towards the 3 mile marker to cheer on Karen, Andy and Gary. I

Thank you to Baumer @ Mizuno Running USA and Mr. Shoeguy Mitchell Hobbs @ Often Running for your support. I was pleased to take home the overall win at this race for the second year, I only wish I could be in better shape right now. The course record of 15:34 does not seem that out of reach - although at 34 seconds slower, it clearly is.

Last year I ran 16:09 (vs. 16:08 this year) - last year second place was 17:39 (this year 17:36) . Last year my splits were 5:01/5:21/5:17 vs this year 5:02/5:16/5:17. So at the very least I can say that even at this weight I am in nearly identical fitness to last year. Based on my half marathon times I will continue to focus on increasing speed and strength between 2 workouts a week and increasing my mileage.

Next Race(s)

Race Needed - Weekend of 5/31
Tremont Turkey Fest 5K - 6/7
Steamboat Classic 4 Mile - 6/14